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I know hip-hop/rap mixtapes have been discussed here several times, and we have been given reasons as to why they cannot be added to spotify, but why couldn't spotify add mixtapes and not pay the label/artist per stream?


Like I know for every stream of a traditional song or album the label/artist make a certain amount of money, why couldn't spotify add mixtapes from artists (like Ace Hood, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Future, etc.) and not pay anything to the label/artist. Wouldn't that eliminate any probems?


This music is already available online for free legally, and if mixtapes were on spotify it would easily become the #1 way to listen to music for me.



Thanks 🙂

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Doesn't seem to be a high priority for Spotify.

Looking at past posts, Spotify's position is, "make the labels/artists do it, here's a link to send them to, do our work for us".

That's the equivalent of paying a fee (say $10 a month) to get into a popular farmer's market, and there's no chicken products. The Farmer's market response is "tell the chicken producers/suppliers to come to us".

No, Spotify - we are your customers. we are saying we want mixtapes. we get that there may be rights issues (even if it's freely available on other sites).

But at the end of the day there's not an infinite amount of mixtapes sites. Team up with them, offer price sharing model per stream. If the mixtapes sites answer is to shove off - TELL US - then we can go to them instead and complain. There's passive hip hop fans, such as myself, that don't want to go to all those sites every day. Spotify is a solution to that and can provide a win-win (win) for everyone. Try.

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This needs to be done.  I'm an Amazon Prim member and can get access to many mixtapes with Amazon Music but I would prefer to keep all my music in one place.  It's sad but it's a very real possibility I switch allegiances and go with Amazon if this doesn't change.