Modern 80s music and artists


Modern 80s music and artists

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“Sav’s 80s movie” is a unique collection of modern songs that portrays 80s nostalgia and is basically my own version of a soundtrack to an 80s movie. I started this playlist because I noticed that the majority of the songs and artists that I listen to pull a lot of inspiration from 80s music. 

Includes music by The 1975, Kim Petras, The Midnight, Carly Rae Jepsen, Aly & AJ, Betty Who, Pale Waves, and more...

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Hey Sav -Cool mix!  Are you familiar w/ Retro Wave or Synthwave music? (RE my own message -I see you've got The Midnight and FM-84... so YES! You're def familiar!) You might enjoy the vibe if you're in search of that 80's vibe but the jams are brand new... Most of the artists are pretty underground, but the vibe is SOLID! Here's a mix  that I found that might enhance the vibe of your night:

OOOOOOH also, Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry might be a solid jam to throw on your mix as well.  I'm seriously LOVING the vibe you've created!