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I am a audio-visual Synesthete, but usually what I see is much more complex than simply one color per song. It should be interesting to see how it works out though. I will see what I can do.

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Interesting. I had never heard of synesthesia before so I just looked it up.


It's probably not the same, but when I posted Island In The Sun I realised afterwards I wasn't quite sure if it was yellow or blue, or both. I guess what you are talking about is much more complex.


Strange thing though is that when reading about conceptual synesthesia I became aware for the first time that for me the number 7 is green, in a shade darker and more leaning towards olive green than Spotify green.


With a nod to classical music, my first "yellow" thought is


Ralph Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on Greensleeves


I wonder how you would see it...?


On Edit: Maybe we all relate to music in multiple colours, and this is really all about the dominant colour.


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yellow sounds bright

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 The color yellow is a bit odd. When I think of that color I don't get a defined feeling, but more like 'here I am, feeling empty.' Therefor I think jazz does it's job. spotify:track:32zna5FLT8EQboEzpWzV76 #ffe58f

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Summer vibes from a forgotten one hit wonder..






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The new Bahari track Dancing on the Sun was extremely visual for me the first time I heard it. Sounds like flower crowns!


Obviously, the title and album art bring to mind a very beachy theme. But more so, the driving bass line layered with the organ and shakey tambourine in the rhythm section sounds very mid 90's pop, which in color form reminds me of yellow! Like New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too yellow. I've pulled the hex code for the two shades that appear on that cover that show what came to mind!








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Kinda like that idea!

Here's my song:



Hex code:



Keep It Up!


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My best friend just made me a summer mixtape for my birthday called "SMILE". Other than the title track "Smile" by The Royal Concept, I have to say this one makes me think of yellow.



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