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Boston singer-songwriter here. Love my scene. These folks are currently one of my favorite acts.

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Last month this artist that lives in the same city As me, released this album

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Fellow Melburnian here. The band in this playlist may have been TOO famous for anyone to know who they were. Well.. that is, if you lived in Kew or Camberwell as a teenager between 1999 and 2004 you might have heard of them. Melbourne for life!


Morris and the Animals - best bits 

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This is a Playlist featuring Fresh Austrian Artists!

Just had an update today!

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Some of the music being made throughout Australia just now

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Hola! Soy de Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe, Argentina y ésta música instrumental es la que hago.
Me interesa conocer sus opiniones! Abrazo!

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Gig Goer The album art for "Sugar Pills" was taken on the rooftops of New York City, more specifically on top of my work on West 46th St. I work there with my dad in the summer, I wrote the lyrics for "Sugar Pills" on my lunch breaks. The pop music coming out of Manhattan is very polished and fake. I thought I would take that idea and turn the song darker and explosive in the chorus and soft and polished in the verses. Sugar Pills is a play on the "Placebo Effect" which is ironic because I feel like very where I go in the city someone is popping a pill or taking some sort of drug. This song would be part of the "Underground Scene" in Manhattan.