Music's Most Haunted


Music's Most Haunted


Hi! :)


I'm on the search for some of the most haunting music to add to a playlist I started several years ago entitled "Ode to the Ghosts in the Walls." 


This is going to be music that gives you chills, that is eerie and maybe even makes you feel slightly uneasy. I'm looking for specifically for music that is haunting in a beautiful, sad, elegant way, not a gross, yucky way, if you know what I mean. Like more tears of the undead than rampage of psychotic clown; more psychological thriller than jump scare and all-out gore. Stuff akin to the feeling that "there might be something around the corner and I don't know if I should look, but I know I'm going to look," and then maybe there is something only mildly out of place, just enough to make you question the meaning of life, for reality to slip a bit to the side.


Feel free to post anything you feel is haunting, even if you don't think it fits this theme. I'm curious, like the one in the horror movie who will always go around the corner for a peek.


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Hey, awesome theme, and your playlist- haunting to say the least! 

Here's a few songs I consider haunting, though I've determined that may be a personal thing.


Eye of the Storm


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Re: Music's Most Haunted

@meganh007 :)

Thanks, and appreciate the suggestions!

The X Ambassadors song seems to fit well with the other songs on the list.

The Aurora song is nice and haunting in its own way, too.

You are totally right that what you find haunting is definitely personal. I imagine it's a little cultural too, since we are conditioned to associate certain sounds with certain things.