Music selections for a graduation video slideshow


Music selections for a graduation video slideshow


Hi everyone! I was hoping to draw on the knowledge of the music experts here for some music track recommendations.

I'm creating a video slideshow for the graduating residency class at my hospital. For those unfamiliar, training to become a physician involves a lot of work and time (4 years schooling, 3-7 years of intense training). These guys are at the end of the road and about to enter the real world. It's a big day for them to finally finish.

For the video, I plan to have a selection of photographs and then sync it to the music (fade in/out, pan, slow zoom in/out, etc), so it will be an actual video, not a powerpoint. My personal music preferences are what they play on's vocal trance and trance music channel, some big house music, so I am probably not the best source of music.

My plan is to have the video be separated into two sections. One represents them working hard, taking care of patients, at lectures, studying, exhausted and asleep on the couch or chair during a 24-hour shift (basically at the hospital), having intense discussions with their attending (supervising physician), presenting at conferences, etc. The other section will be them having fun outside of work, so at dinner get-togethers, on their retreats, getting married, being themselves, getting wild, etc. I may add a section at the beginning to introduce each of the graduating persons in the video, so an appropriate song for that, too.

I hope that description can convey the mood that I wanted to have for the music. I hope the experts here can offer some recommendations. One requirement is to have vocals in the tracks. As much as I love pure trance beats, they would probably disapprove. Thank you!