Must Read: Community Guidelines


Must Read: Community Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Music Chat board in the Spotify Community. We want this to be a place where you can share and discover new music with fellow Spotify fans, as well as discuss music you love. 


We expect everyone here to follow the Spotify® Support Community Guidelines.


Our Music Area is for fans to discuss what they’re listening to and share recommendations. Please keep the following in mind when participating:

  1. Do not post “Follow for follow” threads--these will be removed. 
  2. No “Submit songs for my playlist here” threads or requests. 
  3. Playlists should only be posted in the Playlist Exchange area. Users can comment on playlists if they have a song suggestion (but see point 3 below). 
  4. If you’re an artist or creator, you can share each of your albums, songs or podcasts just once in our forums (we recommend picking the most relevant thread). The best place to learn about promoting your content is the Spotify Gameplan videos here


If we spot any users doing the following we will remove all posts and send a written warning.  

  • Posting to their your new song/ album/ playlist/ podcast across multipe threads 
  • Creating 'follow for follow' threads
  • Creating threads asking for submission for playlists--post playlists in the Playlist Exchange
  • Promoting links to music on channels other than Spotify 
  • Promoting your own company/ services
  • Posting in the wrong board (playlists should be posted in the Playlist Exchange board. The Music Chat is for discussion only). 
  • Any other posts the Spotify Staff feel violate our Guidelines in anyway. 

If any users continuously break our Guidelines it could result in a ban from the Community. 


We also want your help keeping our area about honest music dsicussion. If you want to report anyone breaking these guidelines please see this post: Reporting Spammers in Music Chat