My Own Music i Produce on Spotify! Playlist of Top Songs


My Own Music i Produce on Spotify! Playlist of Top Songs


hi my name is semyon gershenkop producer of project blusm tusm, lsdance, motordelic


i put here my music i produced on spotify the playlist for you i would like listen you contsructive feedback about this and maybe critics


i has more tracks than is on spotify but it not obtained to release all music

labels is hard


i try release with distrokid but this service is not good for me i am changed my name from blusm tusm to lsdance in 2017 and release two album and one ep

and after back be blusm tusm and in 2019 i changed name to motordelic


so i need release my 50 song with various names 50 song in single album this not possible with distrokid


i dreamed earn money from music but it not happen as i has 2k streams to blusm tusm this mean it somethink like 5 dollars i got it and spend it fast


so here playlist can i got nice feedback to made me smile because alot of hater of me on the web


in total this music what mark to get to most psychedelic psytrance in history


in some tracks has jingle "this track written and produced by semyon gershenkop..."


i add this to avoid plagiarism and to imporve that me is me some times people is surprized


maybe for some one all will began a journey to psytrance


my project motordelic release two tracks on big label i was think monokol records


there crocoloko signed and released i saw it has alot followers but to me this not happen


and my upcoming release not released on this label owner kinda strange it can dont reply on facebook three month or more


i just hammer on it i hammer on music i listener just want check some things 



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Re: My Own Music i Produce on Spotify! Playlist of Top Songs

and maybe will not beggan because i dont has radio yet

people listen but what they problem find and follow me everywhere send me message on facebook maybe

only spam in internet i hammer on it now no new music maybe i will release 50 tracks but this last thing i not making music anymore

and my music is wrong and bad i wish delete it but it shared impossible to delete labels dont want delete it

also share on the web so people downloaded to his hard drives maybe listen but i wish delete all this bad creation and bad music i made