My TOP10 Albums of the Week 40 10.03.19 (


My TOP10 Albums of the Week 40 10.03.19 (

Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

October 03 2019


For all those who are looking for recommendations, for those who want to leave their comfort zone or simply for the pleasure of sharing I leave my TOP10 albums streaming this past week (source )


  1. spotify:album:79oVb2rHVUHPS1duAWU9QD:small
  2. spotify:album:4SnGyNZdZsFWNYFmANxfH4:small
  3. spotify:album:2mPAkcWCQWvYTyhIGBq15K:small
  4. spotify:album:20uNba0tEcRPrXjYwqAPKJ:small
  5. spotify:album:5QBPUvhS6UYro3JLHeQVwF:small
  6. spotify:album:2mn9OkwveIlodBVKqHp7cn:small
  7. spotify:album:01fNQNIr64Mc67Xtuk0DOb:small
  8. spotify:album:3fqF7f38hRvpAaU2JIRtZ2:small
  9. spotify:album:4hcREbGmsor4meuYc08I5m:small
  10. spotify:album:6z4LSt5zwCXUFI9JKJMMl3:small




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