My TOP10 Of The Week 10.04.18 (


My TOP10 Of The Week 10.04.18 (

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Thursday afternoon....What time is it? Yeah!!! My TOP10 albums streaming this past week (source )  Don'f forget to share yours.... TOPwhatever but share your favorite ALBUMs please, let's get started.... 


  1. spotify:album:24gjLfQRirZeHDiHXDOgf4:small
  2. spotify:album:7GCnSXQc6H4vF8TU7hSdSk:small
  3. spotify:album:3tM34fqAspd40isnHQAcvr:small
  4. spotify:album:1uDSjSEZeoF4kqkR1zntGp:small
  5. spotify:album:2j3GRsT8ec2tUpF8cz7QmX:small
  6. spotify:album:41PE0a48Mgo7jiCnjf6719:small
  7. spotify:album:0mIJHLzFnNlkNtRrjr7X8O:small
  8. spotify:album:5GFULjIyZ5Yf02OE2sKrPJ:small
  9. spotify:album:3zRMT26AYwaPMcN9W2blev:small
  10. spotify:album:4O3nk9VY0eisrO7ElPQguX:small

The bonus, never forget the bonus


And get ready for tomorrow #NewMusicFriday #ReleaseDay great albums are on their way in a few more hours...




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