My TOP10 Of The Week 10.11.18 (


My TOP10 Of The Week 10.11.18 (

Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

You should know that Thursday afternoon is time for MY TOP 10 albums streaming this past week (source )  Don'f forget to share yours.... so,  let's get started:


  1. spotify:album:42S0lDJT9wHKCVaMGgqKdm:small
  2. spotify:album:4AA2gqMxGvprpQ4KzEhsyk:small
  3. spotify:album:1fxuycwh9zRrKHCE2MSPMU:small
  4. spotify:album:1LCfoYZFp5fpGz9TNlqsl1:small
  5. spotify:album:3fobjsHPqWb4FwYp0O0cWV:small
  6. spotify:album:5W6TxvIqACEfnxm0VgPhv7:small
  7. spotify:album:0f7842HK1ZSMJQLAJqmZ3d:small
  8. spotify:album:2MgEO70Z19Wl7yF4S7g2A0:small
  9. spotify:album:2Ex277htheVs9aDi6svcsv:small
  10. spotify:album:0FDtvEaUhk1JQeJhyuwRMh:small

And this week's bonus is for



JpgchiefRock Star 13
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