My TOP10 Of The Week 10.25.18 (


My TOP10 Of The Week 10.25.18 (

Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

Here we goooooo.... Thursday afternoon time for MY TOP 10 albums streaming this past week (source )  Don'f forget to share yours.... so,  let's get started:


  1. spotify:album:7crvNB6frqAAn09uqqvo98:small
  2. spotify:album:7zeCZY6rQRufc8IHGKyXGX:small
  3. spotify:album:3errLr3puRVdp8Rgh8g3lf:small
  4. spotify:album:5K2iwLVDEjF19yoW5MkRl6:small
  5. spotify:album:33itCfl3s0GHYF4Y9urXwm:small
  6. spotify:album:4pMOMICZbcyAT4bk4GUWb9:small
  7. spotify:album:4o12xtuw9b8pJjb8UpIzR9:small
  8. spotify:album:3j3vXKjcLop5wj0zLPflv0:small
  9. spotify:album:1IpufqmucrxYUJQxf1AP0n:small
  10. spotify:album:5znkKeZluet6ArfR5RplEy:small

The bonus for this week belong to 



Get ready for tomorrow's NewMusicFriday, remember if you want check it out the Playlist  New Releases October with almost 150 track (one per album) and 40 for tomorrow... 


Top10 Albums of the WeekTop10 Albums of the Week 

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