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Hey, anotherymguy


I like the mix on your 80s playlist, as well as your 60s and 70s playlist, but I guess you accidentally put some songs on it that you meant to put on the others. You have the Scooby Doo theme song on it, instead of the one for the television show theme songs, and you have some songs by Kiss, Ozzy, Styx, and a couple others on it that would be great for the 80s playlist.


Also, this would be a great addition to your television show theme songs playlist. You might consider it. It's a great show.

The song is available. It plays in Spotify.


I have a very small playlist that is for playing a game. I don't know if you still do that, or not, with everything going on.


The idea is for people to figure out the first part to get the rest, otherwise it's pretty easy for a lot of people to get.



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Please consider and feel free to add my latest single to any of your playlists