Need Help claiming artist profile


Need Help claiming artist profile


So my artist name is Huff Wellington.  I signed up with Distrokid yesterday to get my music on Spotify.  On Distrokid it said "there is already someone named Huff Wellington on Spotify" (Because I collabed with another artist who marked me down as a feature on their song). It gave me the option to say "that's me" or "Make a new artist Page".  I went with "that's me" because, well, after all, it is me.  Was this the right thing to do? 


Now when I try to claim Huff Wellington as my artist profile on Spotify, it won't let me for some reason.  Someone please help!


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Hello! It should allow you if you provide the neccesary artist links to various social medias (facebook page, instagram...etc). If it doesnt, I would suggest contacting Artists for Spotify. Hope this helps!

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I agree, also this process could take a couple days to go through the system