New Music Friday Release Day 09.07.18


New Music Friday Release Day 09.07.18

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Always Friday is like a kind of day of in the Community, maybe is for #NewMusicFriday or maybe because everybody is doing this Friday thing that we all do, but anyway this are some albums that may not be on your RADAR but would be a good idea to listen are the following:


  1. spotify:album:5xYZZk3w1qqSUPokXTQvLr:small 
  2. spotify:album:1i0k46X5g1vDetBJfNaOYT:small 
  3. spotify:album:4TSbpX5ZMId2whpgCDX1QQ:small 
  4. spotify:album:4eBgEfYgM0vTVorBAjueFJ:small
  5. spotify:album:2FMeHpDsUPYYjnBaZTivQQ:small
  6. spotify:album:74Se2X9HNEM4HNV8zuzPoK:small
  7. spotify:album:3JWl3Z8bGnpJWMedE585UR:small
  8. spotify:album:5F0WmanPexvr3tU9MQcZJn:small
  9. spotify:album:2JAyh9PyIhGbsu839q7PdN:small
  10. spotify:album:3uLrSFrNqa8CULSIU7e9v5:small

And a bonus...


Hope you enjoy not just this albums but also your weekend!!!

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