New Music Friday Release Day 10.05.18


New Music Friday Release Day 10.05.18

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Rock Star 12

First New Music Friday for this last Q of the year, October is here and brings  a lot of good music released today, as each week we will skip the ones that @Soundofus  alrealy present in his blog ( new albums worth a listen ) don't miss it, let's try to show some good options for your ears Ok, I know a hard task to do but I'll do my best.


But before I start I want to tell you that today I was visiting Music Chat and Playlist Exchange and in some threads people was asking for folk music ( @BrooklynDoran @Melody @felmendez )  or electronic (  @6xvr0_c-hyqe  @akiragautama  @0rangeJuice @Sebasty so I want to invite these people because some of the recommendations will be specifically for you.


  1. spotify:album:6SYaAzF5u5S5bS12WAq2ZU:small Hip Hop 
  2. spotify:album:42S0lDJT9wHKCVaMGgqKdm:small Progressive Rock / Hard Rock
  3. spotify:album:2MgEO70Z19Wl7yF4S7g2A0:small Alternative 
  4. spotify:album:1K7Ko4Nf062aA2oNvYSOSA:small Pop from Melbourne
  5. spotify:album:5K7PZiOlAn8sxxhh0QTFuJ:small Indie Folk 
  6. spotify:album:3uorsF4DeYAwey8F0F9GRg:small Grunge / Melodic Pop
  7. spotify:album:0hpNQHdfAbP9U6cqRlCnOU:small Dance / Electronic
  8. spotify:album:7z0Uo1UZlzjnrWzSeya3Ul:small Folk 
  9. spotify:album:4uuSQuNu0yKW4nd6RouTP6:small Dance / Electronic
  10. spotify:album:3r32XYnBrpHJmlAy2cdzX4:small

And the bonus for this week is 



Hope we all have an excellent weekend full of music!!!



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