New Music Friday Release Day 10.12.18


New Music Friday Release Day 10.12.18

Rock Star 12
Rock Star 12

We have a lot of good music besides the one selected by @Soundofus as each Friday Morning and you can't miss ( new albums worth a listen ).  


Well New Music Friday is full of Folk and Alternative music that I hope you can enjoy as much as I do, let's get start


  1. spotify:album:5i65fkPmv06tmr6a1oPsxg:small Jazz
  2. spotify:album:2CzkXD7h92NTeWu8seWhjt:small Hardcore / Post Hardcore
  3. spotify:album:6GR8EnywUgDFHmqUHO19RO:small Alternative Rock 
  4. spotify:album:2SIZddBG8qGPJvaFnOfkaD:small Punk Rock 
  5. spotify:album:7GhytR6ZMWetf1jxAzITtG:small Avant Garde (Hiphop Jazz RNB)
  6. spotify:album:0DS9vIofiMydqaOMh4JpAd:small Alternative Country 
  7. spotify:album:6MbCh4l8X0Jba7QRqgnchY:small Rapper doing Alternative Rock
  8. spotify:album:24LNZdYZAsn75ibAnafj1u:small Alternative Indie 
  9. spotify:album:2k9f0ldzWGa8lNOn6MAlgu:small Folk 
  10. spotify:album:7elBiJfnS2VuPDYFeCTCtR:small Indie Rock 

And the bonus for to day is an artis with LessThan1000Followers, so don't be is shy and show her some love.


Enjoy this albums, enjoy the music, enjoy your weekend and see you soon... 



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