New Music Friday Release Day 10.26.18


New Music Friday Release Day 10.26.18

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

This was the last full week from this October, yes the end of the year is coming, faster than ever....maybe depends on the perception of each one of us, what is definitive is that today is New Music Friday!!!


Have you seen Gerard's blog? If don't here it is New Albums Worth a Listen with 15 really good options. 


But now let's go with our selection for this day:


  1. spotify:album:4VGNErYX48M43otBeWmzBd:small Garage Rock 
  2. spotify:album:55eRbR0sn8oy6um9eFxBkw:small Indie Folk 
  3. spotify:album:6vLEDuaQu8NFGbs1gEhgaS:small Punk
  4. spotify:album:3kS8aGIt7h2yplR2qhkc2N:small Alternative Rock 
  5. spotify:album:7iKHnBcAxTYWDRrIloaWeN:small Rock
  6. spotify:album:7uDSOgunaHsoMJchpIU44T:small Rock 
  7. spotify:album:4xtHySb6XaNo8SLRgfpUSu:small Alternative Rock 
  8. spotify:album:50Oup3PKTbKtimCtPI57Qp:small Industrial / Electronic
  9. spotify:album:1mFRTnYk72zZfVk7l25G3g:small Hard Rock / Glam Rock 
  10. spotify:album:2jrEsckhW679mK1j0L9a0Z:small Indie Rock / Punk Rock


And it's Friday so, a littel of techno for the bonus  it will not hurt us


Enjoy your weekend!!!


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