New Music Friday Release Day 11.09.18


New Music Friday Release Day 11.09.18

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Second week for this November and before I start remember to visit the @Soundofus blog new albums worth a listen with 15 nice picks and here you're going to find 11 more, so you have plenty of options to enjoy this New Music Friday!!!


  1. spotify:album:5Mf9gi8ZMOlrrJWs5ck6tU:small Metal
  2. spotify:album:6D7gR9uMzO1DgdxZ4sV3qQ:small New Wave / Punk
  3. spotify:album:1MbGd45aNfLGq5JwbzdNf3:small Garage Surf 
  4. spotify:album:6vROHPSgcaSkKawb3wU9LR:small Garage Punk
  5. spotify:album:6CL2Ou3AM6GLkOFo1I3Sqf:small Jazz
  6. spotify:album:0xL7w8UHNKjNwllWpsShFP:small Dream Pop
  7. spotify:album:7avKsTTKxbWScasLRhl6TE:small Alternative 
  8. spotify:album:1yQBDmcB1w7swVCExoFUda:small Rock 
  9. spotify:album:6xIF6pxjIS2bKDqHdi1L1X:small Krautrock / Electronic
  10. spotify:album:5xuDD5gooeurRw4aTiVDuu:small Ambient

And the bonus.... 



Enjoy your Weekend!!!


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Thanks for the reccomendations 🙂