New Music Friday Release Day Week 06 (02.08.19)


New Music Friday Release Day Week 06 (02.08.19)

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

New Music Friday again!!!
February  week 6 of this year and we have a another interesting mix that I hope you enjoy as much as I do, we started ...


  1. spotify:album:1vPCquPstj2oJQbxm0zKEd:small Punk 
  2. spotify:album:6gA8AxiYBxCWBAq4iucypn:small Punk 
  3. spotify:album:2swbgY3vHQ2ynKQU5Z6UOZ:small Punk 
  4. spotify:album:2MpagqxE2JLxE6XbkYqD0t:small Dream pop
  5. spotify:album:61GocYuQdVJWZpI1dkcYCb:small Piano composer
  6. spotify:album:5r69VxYyldaPjXNNCt5sKR:small Pop 
  7. spotify:album:5jNbSZgz4n9V6SwmVz47I7:smallExperimental 
  8. spotify:album:6AOKs5rKv2xdA6oghgbQy7:small Pop French Scene
  9. spotify:album:6iTwYjBJTG0pYLbmrmvhLH:small Experimentla Pop


Have a great weekend!!!


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Re: New Music Friday Release Day Week 06 (02.08.19)


Thank you! Looking forward to this! By the way what do you think of this?