New Music Friday Release Day Week 10 (03.08.19)


New Music Friday Release Day Week 10 (03.08.19)

Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

This is the new albums We have for this week and I hope you enjoy as much as I do, we started ...


  1. spotify:album:1xmomuwrH3iiCFTvB0AyAc:small Alternative / Indie
  2. spotify:album:02j4xh0FhzDHz3ZmgEmP1Y:small Space Folk 
  3. spotify:album:4UUU8ECwEurQgMieeUazU4:small Acid Punk / Indie Rock  
  4. spotify:album:6ScSu4iTMsuqbViSYRBTp0:small Comedy Folk 
  5. spotify:album:56YPTC4Ev0N4huqgr3h91G:small Dream Pop / Alternative
  6. spotify:album:69CAR05HaTZY8TjwBHkE1f:small Alternative Rock / Alt Blues
  7. spotify:album:6n9xG7RRzxifh4xCjmDZaC:small Psychedelic 
  8. spotify:album:3LkTclWxediGGYRgcD25o3:small Experimental / Industrial Pop
  9. spotify:album:6QNwL6N5AXBr58m2b6tXzM:small French Rap
  10. spotify:album:46CswcgmRweHhj7oSvqeS4:small Garage Rock

And fot this week the bonus is for:


Have a nice musical weekend!!!




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