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I would like to both new realse tab and Discover. The discover tab is pretty cool but its confusing, not very organized. I hope you guys will reconsider and bring it back =)

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Hey guys. Thanks for asking. I gave a better explanation of why we've added a Discover feature to Spotify over here.





Re: New Releases????

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I've just been reviewing the feedback about Discover and many of you are missing the old new releases section within "What's New". Part of the reason we developed Discover was due to low overall engagement with the Whats New page.


While we don't have plans to bring back the "What's New" page, we wanted to let you know that we've begun drafting initial designs for showing new releases in Spotify. We'll update you as soon as we have more information. For the time being, remember you can still search new releases by putting "tag:new" in the search bar. Stay tuned!