Nightcore This (S3RL Remix Edit)


Nightcore This (S3RL Remix Edit)

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Hey there.


Time for some happy hardcore! Also on Spotify.



Stream it!




This is what you need, this is what you're looking for! And if you know how, nightcore this ;)


Jyrziu :d

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Re: Nightcore This (S3RL Remix Edit)


Hey there hpguru.


Since you seem to pop up on every post on spotify figure I may as well ask you since this is a Nightcore post.


I like to mess around with Nightcoring songs and noticed that Spotify has some Nightcored songs uploaded.


Do you happen to know how one would get their Nightcore songs added to Spotify? Since the original group that used to Nightcore songs is no longer around the whole genere is community driven and I would like to keep the Nightcore genere on Spotify growing.