OCD Question: How do you organize your music?


OCD Question: How do you organize your music?


Hey, guys! There are quite a few ways to organize your music, with Songs, Albums, and Playlists. I'm curious as to how you use these three ways of storing your music


I guess I have never really used Albums or Songs, and just add the songs to a playlist by genre. I just see the other two as pointless


So how do you organize?

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Re: OCD Question: How do you organize your music?

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Hey  @TheOptical, nice question!

Well, on Spotify I don't really have to worry about albums and stuff. I just add the best bits to my playlists (depending on how good it is, I'll place it in a different playlist), and if the album is good too, I mark the song from it as 'saved'.
I used to save a lot of music, so my Saved Music list echoes the moods of me over the course of about 2 years.


On local, however, I have a strict hierarchy. Main folders under My Music are artists, under these I keep their albums. Two folders are for miscellaneous things, mostly one-two songs by all kinds of artists.
Really keeps me sane when I'm using foobar, folder structure never has me lost. 😉
I rarely use playlisting/queue feature on foobar and I don't sync anything to Spotify.

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