Old Music, On Spotify for the First Time


Old Music, On Spotify for the First Time


So this topic is dedicated to recordings of music that have existed for a while, but have just been released on Spotify. This thread wasn't really intended for new covers/recordings of a preexisitng song, but I guess rereleases of a preexisting recording/cover are close enough to fit into this category.


So to start off, I am excited that the Composer Cristopher Tin is starting to release some of his discography, which has been around for a number of years, on Spotify for the first time. Here is part of one of his albums he has just recently released to Spotify including music from part of his song cycle, The Drop That Contained the Sea. It is a blend of World Music (each song is in a different language and invokes the musical language of that culture) Classical, and even a little bit of pop/video game music:


The Drop That Contained the Sea


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When I was a kid, I loved watching the Rescuers Downunder (by Disney). Loved the soundtrack, especially the flute work during the Eagle's theme. Been waiting for it to come on Spotify, and i see it just came on a couple of months ago! Yay me.



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