Old Spotify Genre - Holidays


Old Spotify Genre - Holidays

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back in the days Spotify had different genres fo browsing: One of them was something like 'Holidays'  and in that Genre there was a playlist for not so classic christmas songs.


Now what i am asking for :D  I discovered a song last year (or maybe 2 years ago) around christmas and all i know was it was in this playlist, but i can't find it cause the genre doesn't exists anymore :( And the song was great :D


Maybe someone can help me. Here is what i can remember (not much :/ sry )


- it was in that playlist (not so classic / different christmassongs)

- it was with a big band

- it was kind of a march music

- something about christmas bells? (not exactly)


Hope u guys can help me :)

Greetings Dominik

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was it carol of the bells?

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Unfortunately not :( i search already for everything with bell in it :D I did not found it yet :/  maybe it was something else and not bells xD


This old playlist would help me else i think i will not find it ^^