// Parallel \\


// Parallel \\

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On the last New Music Friday, the listening of the new live album Symphony of Angels by the Australian band The Angels, gave me the idea of this topic : // Parallel \\


The first thoughts coming in my mind, when I started to listen this new release, was : "That reminds me something similar..."


It was no need for digging deeper in my memory, everything was all fresh there. In 1969, deeply into Rolling Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Who etc,  I bought this vinyl album : Concerto for Group and Orchestra by Deep Purple and The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra.




Where is the 'parallel' ?


Both are Rock bands, and both performed live only once this experimentation : in 2018 in Sydney Opera House by The Angels with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and, in fact, twice for Deep Purple (once in 1969 at the London Albert Hall and Once in Los Angeles in 1970 with the Los Angeles Philarmonic Orchestra. After that, the score was lost).




Deep Purple's 1969 performance was the first ever combination of rock music and a complete orchestra. Later on artists like Metallica and Roger Waters, will perform a similar experimentation.


The only difference  is that for Deep Purple it was a complete creation and for The Angels a way to play differently their own songs.


Only one regret : the original Deep Purple vinyl includes only the concerto. On Spotify we get one part with only the band and the full concerto in second part. Personally, I always prefer having a version similar to the original.


If you also have some // Parallel \\ in mind, feel free to share it with the Community.





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