Pitchfork's Overlooked Records 2015 list


Pitchfork's Overlooked Records 2015 list


Pitchfork has published their "Overlooked Records 2015" list. 


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.40.16 PM.png



What do you guys think? 


I personally think the best shout out was Jessica Pratt (Drag City Records). Her debut album Jessica Pratt from 2012 is stunning and she'll be a household name soon enough. But I would have loved more albums than just 20, I was settling in for a long read. I assume there will be more additions that follow.

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I found it a very interesting read, and listen too. Is it strange that I find that Jeff Bridges album to be so entertaining in a non-sleepy sort of way. I probably find it much funnier than its supposed to be. 


And there were some other good picks too, From Kinshasa has an interesting mix between electronic and Congolese.

in fact there were a lot of good electronic music albums on the list.


Though, on the other hand it seems a bit early to release this list seeing 2015 is only half over. I agree that it would be beneficial to update it throughout the rest of the year.


I am also a bit sad there isn't more of the more Classical Genres present, but I guess it only to be expected. Besides, a lot of the electronic music shares a lot with Minimalism anyways.

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Hello !


I'm not passionate about the nu soul or R & B / hip hop
The sounds of THEESatisfaction reconcile me with this kind of music
jazz, Soul, Funk, beautiful voice, Mid Tempo ... I love
This is a good choice