Places you look for a new music you like?


Re: Places you look for a new music you like?


Hi there!
I always use Soundcloud , there i follow my favorite artists and they recorders , labels ,shows... this way I always keep my self updated , mainly because of the recorders and labels.

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Re: Places you look for a new music you like?


hans-jürgen schrieb:

Lately there were interesting news about Rdio and Deezer which I have already used in the past. Rdio is free for all now with an ad-sponsored access, even in Germany without time limits.

I have converted my very long Spotify playlists representing my listening history to Rdio now with re/spin to test if this would work and how many tracks would be found on Rdio. Roughly there was a loss of 1k tracks on a playlist with almost 6k, and the process took quite long (nearly four hours for one playlist). So it seems their catalogue is a bit smaller, at least for the music I listen to.


Rdio's free listening also includes more ads than Spotify, as far as I remember, and if you use an adblocker, the playback will even stop. Last but not least Peter Gabriel's albums which were available for a longer time than on Spotify seem to be unavailable now.