[Playlist] What Happened after the reality show


[Playlist] What Happened after the reality show


Hi everyone,
I am a fan of music reality shows such as The voice, The X factor, the sing-off, Idol, etc.
So I decided to create this playlist that has some singles from people that became succesfull after participating on those reality shows.
The list includes people from The Voice (UK and USA version), The x factor (Australian, American and UK), American Idol, The sing-off (USA). Alot of those didn't win the show but with the exposure they've got, they acomplished to release some awesome music afterwards.

Obs.: I only picked 1 music of each artist so it wouldn't be too long, but i strongly encourage you all to search deeper into the artists pages if u like some of them.

Enjoy -> After Reality

PS: this is the first topic i ever created, so if i did anything wrong, u guys, let me know 😉