Please give me inspiration!


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Wow you are very good att singing!

Even if this is’nt my music so is it very good!



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thank you!

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So i think I got some good stuff for you.

Some Lofi stuff (I really like to listen to it when I think about my life haha) the Artist is called Hanz, just great music with unbelievable vibes.


(If you like Future Bass go ahead and listen to Insomniac! He often combines Lofi with a touch of Future Bass)


Otherwise I got this dudes called Moderat (  ) also really chill but faster :)


to complete this I recommend those sexy beats of RÜFÜS DU SOL



Hope ic could help you haha!


Best regards Thilo




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Here you go!!! plays for more than 3 days straight!!!


have fun!

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Re: Please give me inspiration!

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 I just started creating my own music. Not sure which genre to put this under.  Give it a listen, maybe you will like it. you never know untill you try ....Thanks !!!

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Hi @Musicslover1235 I’m going to give you only one Playlist and with this one you can check my whole profile and find something you can enjoy, different stuff and genres and most of all new music, this particular Playlist is over 1K tracks released only 2018 to this days and all of them Less than 1,000 Followers


I hope you enjoy it!!!

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I heard this one the radio, several months or more ago. I listened to the lyrics, and liked it. It fit for this other thing that I was doing, perfectly.

This isn't Metal. It's just hard rock.


I have this one on my encouragement playlist.

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hey!! you should totally check out my playlists! 

most of them are indie alternative playlists

hope you like them!!

my favorite playlist: 


more of my playlists: