Post 3 artists you think will 'break' next year


Post 3 artists you think will 'break' next year

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This is the idea, you can demonstrate your tastemaker skills in this thread =) Just post 3 bands/artists you think will 'break' on 2016. Maybe some of them have released a few songs so far and you are one of the small group of people who have listened to them, you're part of an hypothetical  'FOUND THEM FIRST'. So, let's show here your music bets. 


My personal bets are:




Get familiar with their name; A R I Z O N A. These guys are releasing their debut songs, with viral material as ‘I Was Wrong’ or 'Where I Gonna Be' last sunday. Stay tuned, we’re sure this will be huge









Hudson Thames is the singer-songwriter and actor responsible for this new music project with indie-pop-electro beats. First EP later this year







Safe Bet! A norwegian wind is flowing through the continents with a mystic, storytelling voice. It talks about stone giants, white wolves and arctic places full of little creatures, capable of melting your heart. We embrace this stories and this voice, powerful like the winter. Her name is Aurora, and you’re going to love her. Oh, you really will.





Post your 3 artists =) 

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Re: Post 3 artists you think will 'break' next year


The first band I'm expecting big things out of is Dilly Dally. They sound a bit like Hole or a harder edged version of Bully, and considering that the first single for their debut album already has 300,000 listeners and their album was released 10 days ago, these guys have a bright future ahead of them


Another band I'm expecting to get big: Supercrush. They only have two singles out so far (with one on Spotify and one on bandcamp), but they're so good that I'm expecting the full album to get some great reviews, even though they might not become massively popular. Fans of Teenage Fanclub should keep an eye on these guys.


As for my third band...I'm still deciding :)


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Re: Post 3 artists you think will 'break' next year


Slaughter to Prevail





Into the bath
Into the grey
Hating yourself so much it hurts
Up from a nap
Wish you were brave
But you're not that kind of person

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Re: Post 3 artists you think will 'break' next year

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For now I will take the bet on one band : THE VRYLL SOCIETY


British band from Liverpool


Actually :


- only 331 followers but over 15200 monthly listeners

- only 2 singles and one EP (out october 23, 2015)



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