Profanity in Spotify's Playlist Descriptions (Unprofessional)


Profanity in Spotify's Playlist Descriptions (Unprofessional)


Logging in to Spotify this morning at work; one of the top "Featured" playlists is "Most Necessary" - Hip Hop.

The short-decription of the playlist goes, "Of all the hot new s%!t in hip hop..."


Is it now professionally acceptable to use profanity on your homepage? Plus, what is the point of using the word "s%!t"? Are you trying to be cool and hip in the eyes of people who are using Spotify?


I am not afraid or offended by profanity in normal day life, but this is a professional business that is trying to build a brand and survive in a tough market. I don't believe you'll see Apple throwing expletives out there on their home page. This could offend and detract customers, and also looks unprofessional.


If you can't find another word to describe the new "s%!t" that's coming out in Hip-Hop these days, then I would hire a new writer.


Also, Spotify can post profanity on their home page but I can't mention the same word in this post....

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Re: Profanity in Spotify's Playlist Descriptions (Unprofessional)

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Hello @StvnMltn


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thanks for posting about this. I have passed on your feedback to Spotify staff.

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