Queen Remastered 2011 Albums


Queen Remastered 2011 Albums


Hello every one. 

I am just curious why does only this version of Queen is presented on Spotify. 

Frankly speaking, the quality of the remaster is slightly above average. 

Even source versions of songs do have more quality, reacher tones, and uncutted vocals, guitars, bass. 


I just want to listen to Queen songs in a good quality! Not neutered ones! 


With best regards, 


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That would probable be because these are the digital remastered versions of those releases rather than the digital encoded cd versions that where from the original analog source tapes from years ago. Much music from the analog recording tape days was remastered digitally and most music was rereleased by many bands not just Queen, The Who has had many rereleased versions and different mixes of their classic albums.


Also depending on what listening region you are in some listeners do have access to the digital encoded cd versions with the original analog source sound along with the digital remastered versions available to them to listen to.


Now there are three box sets which are also available that were release in 2011 of the entire Queen music catalogue, the cover art is in black, white, and red respectively with the classic Queen logo from their early days on the front cover with the number 40 imposed just below the classic logo. Are these by chance the versions you are speaking of, The Queen 40 Limited Edition Collectors Box Set Vol I, II and III?


Maybe post a few links to which versions you mean might help? You can right click on any release artwork and you should see the linking options to choose for pasting. The Queen artists page has a rather large amount available what with the first original cd releases as well as remasters available, and their major box sets available it is hard to tell which versions you are referring, I never noticed any play problems with the versions I played but it has been some time since I listened to my Queen Playlist, I could be wrong.