RIP Chester Bennington. I'll always remember...


RIP Chester Bennington. I'll always remember...


If you had the chance to see Linkin Park or Stone Temple Pilots before his passing. I would love to know what show you attended and even if you want to share your experience. 


I was fortunate to see Linkin Park's Project Revolution Tour in Toronto at the Molson Amp Theatre in 2007 when they came with My Chemical Romance, Placebo, and H.I.M. My friend was able to score front row tickets. It was my first mosh pit experience. It was insane! I was so nervous but I just threw myself.


In 2014, at the ACC for the Carnivores Tour, they played with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI. Honestly, Chester was a God, my girlfriend and I were crying at one point during the show because he had so much energy and we couldn't believe we were seeing them again (me for the second and her for the first time). I will never forget those shows. I will never forget those experiences. I will never forget Chester B. Rest in Peace <3