Regina Spektor every other day.


Regina Spektor every other day.


Hey everyone! I'm from Chile and I have this annoying problem: almost everytime I try to listen to Regina Spektor it doesn't work! I don't know what is this about, 'cause I can see the albums and songs and I can click on them, but they wouldn't reproduced! and it doesn't say like "error" or something. And there are times when it works and everything is wonderful and I listen to all her songs at once! But this almost never happened,

I love this app, but I like Regina Spektor a lot! and the fact that I can't listen to her for NO reason is pretty annoying. 

Can anybody help me? I would really appreciate.


Thanks a lot!

P.S: Btw, I'm not a good english speaker, sorry for that.

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Re: Regina Spektor every other day.

This problem is very strange. What version of Spotify are you using? Are you on a desktop or a phone or tablet? Is it updated? Maybe its not updated and keep giving these errors. Hope this helps.