Rock Island Illinois and the wrong Boog on Spotify


Rock Island Illinois and the wrong Boog on Spotify


Hello Forum,


I am on the hunt for the truth and I won't stop until I find it!


Through listening to Matisyahu I was directed to J Boog, who performed a pleasant Island Reggae track called  "Let's Do It Again", so I had a look through his other work.


Most of it was a more kind of poppy main stream reggae that didn't really appeal to me. But two albums stood out from 2008 and 2009. The Pre-Release Tapes  (Named as by Big Boog) and Small Town Big Money (As J Boog). Which are two wicked rap albums about life in Rock Island Illinois, that I can't stop listening to. 


Eventually it dawned on me that rather than having a radical early career musical change of heart, this J Boog / Big Boog is in fact a completely different artist who has been mis-catalogued with the more famous one. 


But I can't find anything else about him. Most of the internet thinks they are the same people and to further complicate matters there is a 3rd J Boog who was in another RnB outfit and is also an actor. 


The J Boog / Big Boog  I want to know about released these two albums under Smokngunz records in partnership with another Illinois rapper, Big Bake, who owns the record label; and a lot of their raps are about life in the Quad Cities. But Boog seems to have completely disappeared after his awesome second album and Big Bake struggles on alone with Smokngunz and a mostly inactive Facebook page, and either doesnt know or care that both  Spotify and Amazon have mixed these two great albums in with Reggae Boog. 


Rap Boog even talks about a real estate  company that he owns in Rock Island (Turnkey Investments)  and a charity for Rock Island street kids  on the 2009 album but nothing , absolutely nothing brings anything up on Google. 


It's driving me nuts. Is Boog in prison, on a cruise, did he make his million in Mexico after stopping for gas at that Texaco?


Any internet sleuthing ideas would be appreciated, or if anyone knows anything about this artist.




J Boog

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Re: Rock Island Illinois and the wrong Boog on Spotify

Casual Listener

I may have some insight in to J Boog. I have in my hands a copy of his 2009 album Small Town Big Money. I purchased it from him in a mall parking lot.


I believe his real name to be Jobari Robinson - he also provided me his real estate card.


A little late, but hope this helps.