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Artist: CLUTCH
Release: Psychic Warfare (Deluxe)

Year: October 2nd, 2015 
Labels: Weathermaker
Style of Music: Stoner rock / blues rock
Origins: Germantown, Maryland, U.S.

Well this release slipped under my radar, glad I noticed it in my Discovery page or I might have overlooked this release for a long while. This is a fantastic stoner rock release, rocks to the beginning to the end. The band even takes a hand at the Americana Blues/Folk rock with the song titled: Son of Virginia. Very well done release, the band turned it up a notch here on this release after the 2013 release of Earth Rocker. Anyway try and catch this band live if you can, I have seen them several times, and they are always a good fun rock band live.


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Artist: Blue Öyster Cult

Release: Imaginos 
Year: Original release year 1988
Labels: Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.
Style of Music: Hard rock, heavy metal with touches of progressive rock music elements.
Origins: Long Island, New York, U.S.

Well I was looking around on the B.O.C. artist page and noticed this release had been added sometime, not sure when exactly? This is a concept album based on ideas from music producer and manager of the band Sandy Pearlman, going back to the second half of the 1960's before B.O.C was B.O.C. and was undergoing various band name changes and band member lineups as well. 


The recording project was original envisioned as the first in a trilogy of work from original drummer Albert Bouchard, but was fired from the band before the project could be realized, and the album project was carried over by the remaining B.O.C. members in a revised form. A wikipedia article on the album's historic beginnings and the eventual recording, as there is just too much information to relay here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginos


A very interesting recording and draws from heavy metal, and progressive rock influences in a very interesting mix here.


Oh and there are songs from the writing ideas of Imaginos by Pearlman scattered out among the first four B.O.C. releases.


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Artist: Krokus
Release: One Vice At A Time 
Year: 1982
Labels: Arista
Style of Music: Hard Rock, very early 80's Heavy Metal style
Origins: Solothurn, Switzerland


This release popped up on the artist page this Friday, one of those early Hard Rock/Metal bands with a very heavy AC/DC influence in the music production sound and vocal direction. Very good early 1980's Hard Rock/Metal for that nostalgia feel.


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Artist: Sponge
Release: The Beer Sessions
Year: July 19th, 2016
Labels: Three One Three Records
Style of Music: Alternative Hard Rock/Post Grunge
Origins: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.


Well this release slipped under the radar even with me following the artist. Seems it was released during the week in July on a Tuesday rather than on New Music Fridays that most labels have opted to go towards now. Anyway onto the release, I must say I like this release very much, even though the band throws in some new stuff sound wise, the current band lineup seem to be channeling some of the early classic Alternative Rock flair from the early days from the Rotting Pinata/Wax Ecstatic era.


This is the last known lineup from the wiki artist page, not sure how accurate it is for this release music output?

  • Vinnie Dombroski – vocals (1991–present)
  • Kyle Neely – guitar (2004–present)
  • Andy Patalan – guitar, backing vocals (2004–present)
  • Tim Patalan – bass (2009–present)
  • Billy Adams – drums (2001–present)

I could also swear on a few tracks the lead singer Vinnie here is using some vocal influence from the deceased Scott Weiland? Ehh, whatever, Vinnie's vocals seem to have his alternative rock charm none the less. I would have posted this on the new music Friday's thread and then realized well it was not released on a Friday anyway. 🙂

Anyway great alternative hard rock for fans of the music genre, the release is well worth many listens I am sure.


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Artist: Hardline
Release: II
Year: 2002
Labels: Frontier Records
Style of Music: Hard Rock
Origins: Hollywood, California, U.S.

Not sure when this release was added to the artist page. Contains music intended to be the follow up release to the semi known release Double Eclipse, but line up trouble and other things delayed the release, along with the grunge/alternative rock/metal explosion on the music scene, the content finally saw it's release 10 years later with a new lineup of the time. This release contains song ideas from the early 90's, and has at least one song with writing credits and guitar parts recorded by Neal Schon of Journey and Bad English fame.


Lineup for this release:

Additional Musicians:

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These days I'm listening to Black Foxxes' new album "I'm not well". When I first heard it I realised that grunge still exists and I can't stop listening to it! It's brilliant.



Also, my all time favorite rock albums are basically all Muse's albums, Nothing But Thieves' debut album, "One by one" by Foo Fighters, "Hybrid Theory" by Linkin Park, and "Something between us" by Project Theory.



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Artist: Proto-Kaw
Release: The Wait For Glory (Remix)
Year: new re-release August 6th 2016
Labels: Indie - Numavox
Style of Music: Progressive Rock
Origins: Kansas, U.S.


Well the second full studio effort has been re-released with a new remix done, and it does sound fantastic. I have been listening to this release throughout this month giving me a break from the more extreme and brutal music I listen to much. This music is in the same direction as the studio effort Before Came After, but I think this release has a slightly more touch of a Chicago influence. The use of the flute, trumpet, flugelhorn and saxophone which is somewhat rare being mixed on a progressive rock release brings together a very interesting musical style, between Folk, progressive rock and R&B musical styles here. A wiki page article behind the band idea and how it all came about, as I have covered the band information in a previous post regarding the Before Came After re-release remix version before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proto-Kaw


Band Lineup for release:

  • Lynn Meredith – vocals, Narration
  • John Bolton – saxophones, Flute
  • Kerry Livgren – guitars, Piano, keyboards, percussion, Background Vocals
  • Dan Wright – Organ, Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
  • Craig Kew – bass, Background Vocals
  • Mike Patrum – drums
  • Jake Livgren – Guitar, Alto Saxophone, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals (on Melicus Gladiator)

Guest musicians:

  • Daryl Batchelor – Trumpet, Flugelhorn


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