Rubbish Recommendations


Rubbish Recommendations


I'm trying Spotify as everything I read tells me how great the recommendations are.  So far, 3 weeks in, I've discovered nothing new.

My daily lists are rubbish.   All they do is pick songs from Artist that I told Spotify that I like!    Not only that but I get 5 different 'mixes'  all grouped by some kind of vague genre;   Rock, Indi, Metal, Industrial..   I don't want that, I want ONE LIST that I can just play.


Not only that but, I can't even tell if the mixes are refreshing daily.  If they are, then they appear to be picking the same songs over and over again.    Vision Thing by Sisters of Mercy is a great song, but I don't want to keep hearing it day in day out!

I'll give them the benefit of doubt, as I might be doing something wrong, but at this rate I'll just go back to my Apple Music sub which at least works best with my eco-system.