STOP feeding me with crap


STOP feeding me with crap


This is not a new problem, but it really have escalated last 18 months, and specially last 3:


I love classical music, and I subscribe to composers and aertists. 


But 90 % of the suggestions is "best of"  -relaxing-baby-pregnant-classical music while you investigate your nose++++


95 % of these records have a sound quality simular to recordings from early 60s, and tracs are often that old.


At the same time the caatalouge is enormous, and soundquality on newer records is mostly superb.


Spotify want to SAY that they have everything, to lure people on the hook, but they dont want people to find everything. I DO, because I have time and experience, but many have not.


In classical forums most people think that the sound quality of streaming music is bad, so they buy cd-s. And I think the answers is there. The differences between 320 mp3 f.eks (I think spotifys high speed is about there) and full cd quality is microscopic, and very few here it, even if they think they do.  The different beetween average 2000 and average 2014 is HUGE compared with that.


But Spotify and the industry appearently want to hide that fact... Why? Of course the answer is money. They want people to use spotify, and buy cd or cd quality. Money in the short term, but like pissing in your pants to keep warm in the long, I think.


And it is a crime and ethical VERY questionable