Saddest Songs Ever!


Saddest Songs Ever!


Hey there!

Jamming to sad songs, maybe but if you have any in mind or know any, feel free to share them here. I'll share one of the saddest songs I've thought about lately:


If your music selection is really good, I'll put that song on a playlist along with your Spotify tag in the description of that playlist! (If you want) Good Luck Everyone!


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Hey @twenty-three :)

Nice Music Chat thread!

Here's a few I've found in playlists recently:




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Nice thread indeed, yes :)


While I'm not a fan of sad songs by any means (and there's no heartbreak in sound design), I do have some songs in my library that, well, can hit soft spots, if they exist.


This song by Blur


Will likely speak to you a lot when you've had, or are currently experiencing a relationship that's gone sour and is about to end.


I remember this one being at the end of my very first CD


A song for when she has gone. There's something about the melody and sounds that I really liked.


This one by Robbie Williams


The lyrics can hit very hard when someone you loved has passed away. I actually love the fact it's not thoroughly morbid - the melody is still on the more positive side. It's the kind of "feeling their spirit near you" melody.

Note: there are some extra sounds at the end. The short one in the middle has a really awesome sound! and the one at the end has pretty cool lyrics ;) Neither are sad, sorry about that.


I also follow this guy I found from Youtube making videos on "songs you should know" and "film music you should know" and similar content - they were actually good! He is not stuck in hits like most others are.
He has compiled a playlist for emotional music. I recognise quite a few of them beig very sad as well.
Here's the playlist:


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When I Dream by Crystal Gayle


The lyrics are heartbreaking and it hits me really hard.


Best I Ever Had by Gary Allan


This is a cover but you can hear the emotion behind the song. Given the context of what was going on in Gary Allan’s life at the time of the song’s release (his wife had committed suicide), it’s hard not to find this song heartbreakingly sad.

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It's not a particular song, but this playlist has a lot of sad breakup songs. Maybe there's something for you in here?

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Mad World (Gary Jules and Michael Andrews), Father and Son (Cat Stevens), and anything by Radiohead. Anything.

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