Scotch - Italian Disco at its best!


Scotch - Italian Disco at its best!

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My heart jumped of happiness when I saw that Scotch had added their first album Evolution on Spotify, with extra tracks! Now I'm hoping to see Pictures coming up soon!


You can already enjoy Pictures and Mirage from the latter album. The first includes hits like Delirio Mind (the bathroom song), Disco Band (nice cough!) and Take Me Up. 


Someone else who just love the old Italo Disco sound?

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Re: Scotch - Italian Disco at its best!


Hi alven72


In the 80s I liked many Italo Disco songs, but really I'm not  a fan.


In this link I put (among others dance playlists) a series of playlists called TDK90, as we recorded cassettes with 1h and 30min of music, which we used to dance in that decade. In these playlists are several Italo disco songs.