Shiloh Dynasty Sample Distribution


Shiloh Dynasty Sample Distribution


Hey, so I'm an artist and I have a song that features vocals from Shiloh Dynasty. However when I try distribute it, it says that I cant use the sample. This would make sense to ask for permission but no one has any idea who Shiloh is, plus artists like XXXTENTACION and RUSS have used his/her voice in their songs. I was wondering if there is a distributor who could make it work or if theres another way around this

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This is most likely because they used remixes made by separate artists (Background of Jocelyn Flores is “I’m Closing My Eyes” made by Potsu) so you’d have to get in contact with the maker of the remix, but if you didn’t use a remix and just shilohs vocals then you might be out of luck, hope this helped!


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1. Despite the name recognition of Shiloh Dynasty, it's probably best not to include the "featuring Shiloh Dynasty". Plenty of artists on Spotify have published music with his/her elements. Your distributor would probably clear it as a result.


2. Not sure how deep you're in when it comes to your artistry and music business, but Shiloh Dynasty uses BMI as his/her PRO with a company called 
MUSIC BY SHILOH DYNASTY SONGS with an IPI 855959866. If you want to make sure he/she gets their publishing percentage, contact BMI or just add the information when you're doing your split sheet.


3. I like Shiloh Dyanasty's music a lot, and I'm assuming you have a lot of music in that vein. Send me some songs via the link so I can give you some feedback and potentially a playlist add.