Sidetraxx Records - Digiprozs Branding New Music & Catalog


Sidetraxx Records - Digiprozs Branding New Music & Catalog

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Digiprozs™ Graphics and Multimedia Solutions:
Digiprozs™ Graphics, Distribution & Promotions is a graphic design, music, marketing and promotion company.
Our  tools and strategies will build awareness of your project via the Internet and new media outlets. Major businesses
and independent record labels alike have come to rely on our design and marketing tools which work to boost
clients and sales.
Digiprozs™  was started by industry veterans to further the goal of helping develop the cutting edge
of new desiignsfor web sites, set up print design, business consulting, designing for artists and labels with innovative
marketing and branding skills as well. Combining 25+ years of valuable experience, with an arsenal of talents and a passion
for designing for all multimedia, Digiprozs™ is about to add a few new pages to the multimedia history books!


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The new single that's taking over twitter and radio Tommy B "Bread Callin" download it on Tunes: Also visit






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Celesta` has a hot new EP release "Fame" Stream her music on Soubdcloud

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