Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?


Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?

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What kind of consumer of "new" music are you?


Are you a 'single' consumer? Are you an album consumer?


Do you listen first the "trending" songs (most played) out in singles before an album considering them as the 'best'?


Do you prefer go deeper into an album, listen all the songs, make your own opinion of the quality of songs and create your own selection without care of what is trending?


Personally, as I dig new music all day long, I have to listen both : singles and albums. When it's a 'debut' single, there is 2 options (you like/you don't like) easy to select.


When a new artist has already one or several singles before, the option is to compare the new one with what he did before. If it's a debut album, usually (not always) there was a single before, if I liked it, then I listen the whole album and I select another song than the one already out in single.


When it's a well known artist with a new album, my process is the same, I listen the whole album (for some songs, I listen 10 sec. Its enough to decide to go further or to skip it) but for my selections I never chose a song already out before (there is 98% of chances that I selected it 2 or 3 months before), I always select a new one.


To be short : I am tired enough of the dictatorship of the "number of likes", "number of views", "number of plays", "number of numbers" ... :)


Your turn :)


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Re: Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?

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I'm definately an album person. If I hear a song I like that might be the impetus to check out an album or wait for its release, especially if its a debute. If I dont like the rest of the album I tend not to keep the "single" I've heard previously. For example, I don't have a spotify playlist made up of only single tracks I like, other than my Discovery Playlist which I intend to go through at some point to check out the full albums. In terms of sourcing new music I have three main sources, either the radio, the "recommended" or "discovery" tabs on Spotify or live streams from blogs or the online editions of newspapers, The Guardian is particularly good, I tend not to notice things like number of plays or trending.

Re: Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?


Mostly depends of the artists. Certain artists are,obviously,album-artists only, and others (poppy almost always) in my opinion, are made for listen via singles.
But,obviously, and asking to the question, I prefer listen the entire job of an artist :)

Re: Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?

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I'm absolutely an album consumer because I really don't care if a song has a lot of views/like.

I love to go deeper and to know more about an artist before judging him because most of the worthy songs often don't become singles.
Ok, maybe I don't listen the entire song if it isn't interesting but it is important for me to understand the style of the whole album and not only of a song that makes a lot of views.

Re: Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?


I'm a glutton... I go through an album till i find a song i love then i binge listen to it :), Then i find another song, And so on etc etc :)

I find that most often the songs with the LEAST views/plays are the most original/best :)

Also, I like to start from the artist/band/groups FIRST release and work my way forward in time, Really lets you hear their sound in full :)


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Re: Singles or Albums : how do you consume music?

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in my experience it depends on the artist. if the artist is one of my favorite, i usually prefer to go immediately with the entire album. if the artist sounds like new to me, i often use to listen to tons of singles until the artist turn into a new favorite to me.