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Smash Cast - Music coming?

I love the music from the new TV series Smash, are the various tracks that have been available on iTunes for some time making it to Spotify? I've been happy with Spotify Premium to date but if we end up in a situation where things "don't arrive on Spotify for a few weeks" then it looks like it's time to move on

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Re: Smash Cast - Music coming?

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Generally some bigger releases turn up at the same time on both iTunes and Spotify, while some lower key ones can take anywhere between an extra few days to a few weeks. However, there could be any other reasons for these tracks not being available on Spotify at the moment. We have some information about this over on our FAQ.

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Re: Smash Cast - Music coming?

I still can't find the Songs and the songs are release months ago :smileysad: Why?

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Re: Smash Cast - Music coming?

Something odd that I've noticed is that the songs are viewable- but not playable- from the mobile app. So hopefully they are coming.

Music Lover
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Re: Smash Cast - Music coming?

I agree. Music from Glee and Nashville are usually available by the next episode. So far for season 2, Smash has done a better job of this, but it would still be nice to have the rest of season 1 as well.

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Re: Smash Cast - Music coming?

I've been searching for SMASH music that has been released for a couple of months now and nothing comes up still! I see playlists that have the album covers in it but whenever I open the playlist, it never plays because the playlist appears to be empty. 


Please fix this. There are so many songs from SMASH that are much better than Glee's.

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