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Somebody help me to find this song.


Somebody help me to find this song.

Casual Listener

Hi, Everyone I'm Emmett

I can't get this song out of my head for a week. I've been looking for it, but can't find anywhere. I'm not sure if it's cover or original.

I remember that It was on in some playlist which it autimatically shuffled.


About the song I'm looking for is like

- I think it's only a piano, slow like pop

- sung by a man singer, his voice is little high soft and smooth 

- some part of the lyric is "I promise . . da da da promise" I guessed he sings like this slowly with piano. 

- I looked on the name of the song once, but not on the tablet I used to play. It showed 'Promise, promised, or I promise' I'm not sure. I tried to use these keywords every where, but I didn't work. Maybe, they are not the name of the song. 

- Still not sure if it's cover or not. 


If anybody have any idea please feel free to share. I want to get that song so badly. 

again the song has just voice and piano, as I remember. 


thank you guys.