Sometimes clean, sometimes "explicit." WTH?


Sometimes clean, sometimes "explicit." WTH?


I know this is a known issue, but what the hell? If you always had both the censored and uncensored versions (clearly labeled), then that would be fine, but a lot of artists only have cencored versions available... randomly...? What the hell is that all about? I listened to the new Eminem album at work on Friday and it was fine, and I listened to it tonight and now it's censored (which means 40% of the words are missing in Eminem's case). Same thing happens with quite a few artists I listen to on here. One day it's "explicit" and the next it's "clean" with no uncensored version available. What is that all about? Why am I paying for this? Be consistent. I'm an adult and I want to listen to uncesored music--especially music I pay for. 

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Re: Sometimes clean, sometimes "explicit." WTH?

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Sometimes there are multiple versions of an album which get hidden in the desktop client. Sometimes you can find the explicit version by going to the album page (click on the album name from the artist page), then in the bottom right corner of that page if there are multiple versions there should be an "x more releases" button. 


Not sure if this will help in your case, but worth a check. ;)

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