Songs labeled as 'Explicit' are censored


Songs labeled as 'Explicit' are censored

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Trying to play an uncensored version of Snoop Dogg Doggfather and it always plays a censored version. Very annoying! Have had many uncensored tracks automatically replaced in playlists over the years with censored versions and I can just (annoyingly) re-add the original, but this won't let you!
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Re: Songs labeled as 'Explicit' are censored


It would be nice if you could just have a setting to turn it off or on. I agree it is too difficult sometimes and it seems like Spotify's algorithms actually favor the CLEAN versions which is incredibly annoying and makes you feel like you're at Wal-Mart. There's only one group on the planet that likes censorship and they usually fight tooth & nail against art and creativity so I don't like catering to them, anyways... It would be really nice if this was fixed, or made better so those of us who do not have virgin ears that cannot be tainted can enjoy our hip hop without huge gaps in the flow.



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Re: Songs labeled as 'Explicit' are censored


Songs with explicit lyrics always get replaced ,,, musicmatch does same **bleep** ,,, all we get is rederick B.S.

Re: Songs labeled as 'Explicit' are censored


I have the same problem with Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C", in the album there are 3 version of the song : Original (Explicit), Clean and Instrumental. Both are censored though, and he's other songs are not censored, and the word they censor is the N-word or "weed", which is featured in a lot of other his songs too and they ain't censored there. So All I can think is that there was a glitch and now where the "explicit" version should play, it just plays the clean version by accident. Spotify please fix.