Spotify Radio- maybe it is time for "something new"


Spotify Radio- maybe it is time for "something new"


I have been a premium user and one of my favorite features is Spotify Radio.  My wife and I have found lots of great artists that I had never before heard of until after hearing them on Spotify Radio. On the "features" section of the website it says Spotify Radio is "Perfect... if you're in the mood for something new." Well, we got "something new" alright, but it would not be described by anyone as "perfect" by any stretch of the imagination.


This morning my wife was listening to a station based on "The Hymns" album by Paul Cardall. The album is mellow, instrumental arrangements of popular Christian hymns such as "Nearer My God To Thee" (that's the song on the movie "Titanic" that the violinist played as the ship was sinking). Imagine her surprise when she heard a song by an artist called "Dirty Nasty" (very aptly named BTW) called "Animal Lover" which is a hiphop song in which the very first line says: "I'm an animal lover / My dog knows / Every single night I f* her a* hole / While the cat just stares (what the f* you looking at)."


Is this a joke, because its NOT funny. I can't imagine how this would ever fall into an algorithm a computer would use to select similar songs, which leads me to believe someone at Spotify intentionally put that song into the mix manually.  Again, if it was meant to be a joke, it isn't funny and it isn't any way to treat a paying customer. If it was meant to discriminate, well then that is very close-minded and not very tolerant. This song has absolutely no relation to music from the album the station was supposed to be based on.


I hope that a Spotify moderator will read this and take action.  I know there are other competing companies with the same service for the same price I pay Spotify.  I would like to stay with Spotify out of convenience because I'd like to keep all of the playlists I have already made, but would have no problem leaving if this trash comes up on a station like this one more time in the future.

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I have to agree with you on this one. The spotify radio has great potential, however, it is by far in no means perfect. I have similar issues when I am using the radio based on my playlist that I created. I usually hear the same songs or even songs that I already have in my playlist, so that kind of defeats the purpose of using the radio to discover new music. Spotify staff needs to definatly put some more work into their radio.

Re: Spotify Radio- maybe it is time for "something new"

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I don't think anyone at Spotify would have maliciously put that track into the mix (or if they even could) - its just yet another example Spotify radio isn't that great (pandora and are far better!). 


If you want to make a formal complaint, drop them an email here.



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